Make Do & Mend – Saving Money As You Sew!

While it's nearly 70 years since the printing of the famous 1943 government booklet on making the most of limited resources - Make Do And Mend is maki

How To Decorate Your Home For Christmas

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that each year I have great indecision when it comes to decorating the house for Christmas. Most people can't decide

Use the best products to keep everything tidy!

In preparation for the big Spring Clean Up you may want to think about starting the long overdue task of storing away everyday items in the kitchen, u

When the going gets tough… turn to ‘Velcro® Heavy Duty’

Some jobs around the home, in the garage or garden require products with a lot of strength – for example securing tools, torches, large pictures and

Craft Projects and Household Tasks made Easier, with Velcro®

Anyone who has had to work on display items, notice boards, posters and other craft projects will know that it can become a very time consuming task,

Clothes Repairs and more with Velcro®

I recently wrote about the ways I was making use of the new Velcro® products (such as the Sew & Stick Tape for attaching a blackout blind), but i

The many uses of Velcro® products

With so many Velcro® products now added to our site I wanted to go through the many different uses over the next week. My previous article ‘The Vel

The Velcro® Line Up…

Household jobs are called chores for a reason! But if you can find the correct products to help, you also find that these tasks become a doddle. Many

Christmas Decorations: The When, the Why and the How!

There’s no better way to get excited about Christmas than starting the time-honoured tradition of decorating your home… and I don’t just mean th