Looking for a Trouser Hanger or Skirt Hanger?

The skirt hanger for everyone - Gok's Pink Deluxe Trouser / Skirt Hanger with Extra Strong Adjustable Clips Skirt Hooks 37 cm wide. This Gok Wan Hange

Clothes Hanger with Extra Strong Adjustable Clips & Skirt Hooks

This trouser/skirt hanger with extra strong adjustable clips and skirt hooks is one of three of Gok’s Hangers as used on the Gok Roadshow Autumn 201

Expanding Hangers Are Now A Customer Favourite

Like the below reviewer I too am a skirt addict. My biggest vice because I already have far too many, but the two consolations for my husband (who is

Space Saving Hangers

Space Saving Hangers are proving very popular at the moment, and that's not just with our customers. Having turned my bedroom into 2 to accommodate a

Huggable Hangers Back in Stock! (with new additions!)

We know how popular these brilliant hangers are because you keep telling us how much you like them! So you'll be glad to know they are back in stock a

Trouser Hangers that work

The best storage products are ones that are often very specific to: the type of items you are storing, where you are storing them, how often you need

Huggable Hangers Review

I mentioned in a previous article "Lovely new space saving hangers now in stock" that there are now even more hangers in the Space Saving Hanger Range

Organising the wardrobe : The hardest ‘how-to’ guide

[caption id="attachment_153" align="aligncenter" width="306"] Clothes Hangers[/caption] Organizing one’s wardrobe can be quite a task in itself,

Clothes Hangers : More useful than you can imagine

[caption id="attachment_76" align="alignleft" width="248"] Clothes Hangers - trouser, skirt, t-shirt, lingerie, suit etc.[/caption] Hangers might n