Seen A Hole In Your Jumper?

If you've already seen a hole in your jumper, things can only get worse. The chances are Moths have already struck and you need to take action befo

30% off selected Cedar Products

I mentioned the other day that National Moth Week is starting on the 17th April, so to kick off our National Moth Week Freebies we are giving you the

National Moth Week Is Declared!

If you are one of the many people who are trying to Get Rid Of Moths from your homes keep an eye on this blog and the site!!! Because NATIONAL MOTH WE

How To Get Rid of Moths!

If like many others at this time of year you are suffering from problems with Moths and asking yourself 'how do i get rid of moths?!!!!' then this vid

Lavender in your wardrobe

Yesterday I went through some of our new cedar wood products that are infused with lavender – great products that serve a dual purpose being brillia

Love lavender? You’ll love these…

Home products that serve a dual purpose are a real find so you’ll be pleased to know that we have recently added a selection of products that are no