How To Remove Wundaweb From A Garment

How do I remove Wundaweb from a garment? It's sometimes necessary to remove Wondaweb from clothing, for re-adjusting or to alter the length, but what

Make Do & Mend – Saving Money As You Sew!

While it's nearly 70 years since the printing of the famous 1943 government booklet on making the most of limited resources - Make Do And Mend is maki

Buying Wundaweb online – wonderweb & other items

If you're having trouble getting Wundaweb in a local haberdashery (haberdasheries themselves are hard to find these days even within larger department

School Uniform Care: Wundaweb & Dylon To The Rescue

School Uniforms, Sports Kits (and their own clothes) can be expensive to buy, especially when you have more than one to buy for, so now that it's time

Haberdashery supplies which you always need (such as hemming tape!)

Finding a local haberdashery isn't always easy and with fewer haberdashery departments in larger stores you may be struggling to find some products th