Christmas Gifts: As Easy As 1, 2, 3!

Still looking for the perfect gift? It's as easy as 1,2, 3 with these brilliant, innovative and (one award winning) gifts! With the brand new Shirt Sh

Tissue Paper Is A Christmas Essential!

With so many colours, varities and patterns, why not make your Christmas wrapping really special with tissue paper? There are so many vibrant colours

Bottle & Can Cooler Bags Back In Stock!

Caraselle Insulated Bottle Cooler & Can Cooler Bag in Yellow - I Love the Beach logo The Caraselle Insulated Bottle Cooler & Can Cooler Bag i

Caraselle Catalogue – Hot Off The Press!

It's arrived and it's yours for the taking! The CARASELLE CATALOGUE is packed with useful information and unbelievable offers which will save you up t

Holiday Checklist For Your Home!

No matter how many times you go away you no doubt leave with the feeling you've forgotten something! And for many of us we probably have! It isn't jus

Shirt Carriers and Shirt Travel Bags

Transporting garments that are prone to creasing can be tricky. You don't want something big and bulky to carry but at the same time it has to be stro

The CD Slot Mount Saves You Money & Your Licence!

If you value your licence and your car you should have the 2011 British Invention Show Award Winner CD Slot Mount. It can be used as a Sat Nav Holder,

Buy British Products This Jubilee!

Buying British products has grown in popularity with many of the British population. Products that have grown out of places such as the British Invent

Get Rid Of Flies And Enjoy The Sunshine!

One of the best thinigs about Summer has to be being able to eat outside in your garden. Everything is great until flies start to land on your food an

Carry On Luggage For Your Plane Journey – Don’t Get It Wrong!

Travelling by plane can seem quite daunting these days. Not adhering to the strict guidelines regarding your carry on luggage with regarding to liquid