The Humble Pet Hair Remover Uncovered

There are many reasons our Pet Hair Roller Brush has become a top selling product, you only need to view the custmer reviews to see what a favourite i

Lint Roller Movie Makers!

Pet Hair Removers, Lint Removers, Spiral Rollers, Roll Cleaners...whatever you call them our Sticky Roller Brushes are amongst our Best Selling Produc

Car fresheners and other car accessories

How much time do you spend in your car? According to a 2001 study adults between the ages of 35 and 44 spend the most time at over 80 minutes a day! W

Discount Voucher Codes and other Promotions… Make Some Money!

We have more and more great voucher codes, discounts and promotions which we are offering to our valued customers. The idea of offers such as Voucher

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Started your Spring Cleaning yet? For those of you who still need a little inspiration to get going check out ‘Let the Spring Cleaning begin!’ and

A Nation of Pet Lovers

A couple of days ago I got some great advice from Collienet's Margaret, who gave me some top grooming tips and dog show information… I now have a ho

Inside Advice from a Doggie Expert!

Being the first day of Crufts I thought I’d share with you some inside advice about which are the best shows to go to and tips on the best way to gr

What do YOU say about our Sticky Roller Brush?

Recently I told you the many reasons why our Pet Hair Removers are so popular and the importance of the handle on the Best Selling Pet Hair Sticky Rol

You do the talking… customer reviews

Great products speak for themselves. Your reviews tell us which products are the most popular and also give us valuable feedback to ensure all product

The Lint Remover Challenge continues!…

Continuing on from our Challenge last week (The Lint Remover Challenge), here are some more uses for the Mighty Lint Remover – keep sending in your