How to Minimize Dog Shedding

A while ago I blogged information from an interview with a top collie breeder from from the Collienet resource, she gave me lots of tips about the bes

Our Famous Pet Hair Rollers – Everyone has one! Have you?

"I didn't know I needed one, but I soon found out that I did" was a recent review from one happy customer and I think this sums up our Best Selling Ro

BANG! Fireworks Frighten Animals – Tips To Protect Your Pet

With 80% of pet owners having a pet who is afraid of fireworks, the bonfire season can cause real problems in many households. No longer are fireworks

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Don't be scared, but I wanted to let you know about a Monster Offer this Halloween! We're giving away a Pet Hair Roller Sticky Brush (worth £4.50)

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Lint Roller Movie Makers!

Pet Hair Removers, Lint Removers, Spiral Rollers, Roll Cleaners...whatever you call them our Sticky Roller Brushes are amongst our Best Selling Produc

Car fresheners and other car accessories

How much time do you spend in your car? According to a 2001 study adults between the ages of 35 and 44 spend the most time at over 80 minutes a day! W

How to clean and be green!

Started your Spring Cleaning yet? For those of you who still need a little inspiration to get going check out ‘Let the Spring Cleaning begin!’ and

Want a FREE Lint Roller?

Many satisfied customers know why our Lint Rollers are so popular - they know... quick and easy they are to use ...because they are of supe