A Washable Doormat To Keep Out The Dirt!

It's amazing the amount of extra dirt that is carried into a house on people's shoes - yes most people do wipe their feet, and yes removing your shoes

Stop condensation with our new moisture trap

Need to stop condensation forming on your windows? Our brand new moisture trap - the Gel-Safe Moisture Trap is a brilliant addition to our range of d

Don’t Get A Real Christmas Tree!!

Don't get a real Christmas Tree... unless you get a Whizzkleen Brush! Like many others no doubt you have at some point been tempted with a real Chr

Is September the new Christmas?

Is it ever too early to start thinking about Christmas? If you've been listening to the radio, tv or reading the paper then no it isn't too early! Acc

Wrap It Up! With Our Latest Cable Tidys

If you like everything neat and tidy in your home, you're going to love one of the newest products to the site. Wrap Charger Cable Tidys... ...are a

Strawberries & Cream!

Later in the week I'll be going through some tips for making the chore of ironing more enjoyable, but in the spirit of Wimbledon I  wanted to let you

Iron away your problems!

Therapeutic or chore? Ironing is one of those household jobs that is a REAL chore to some and quite therapeutic to others. My Father still insists on

Garden Care Ideas UK

If you read my recent article about BBQs (tips and products to help you create the perfect BBQ), you'll be ready to find out about some of the most po

Descale your home!

Many of us forget to descale our appliances - especially the kettle which if you live in a hard water area (like me!) seems to need doing frequently.

They’re here! Dishmatic Scourer Refills for the Dishmatic Scourer Washing up Liquid Dispenser

I recently mentioned the brilliant new Dishmatic Washing Up Liquid Dispenser. You simply fill the handle with your favourite washing up liquid, close