Front Door Mats: Washable Mats & Runners

Nobody wants mud, dirt, leaves being carried around their home by guests (and others), and the best way to stop it is with an Admiral Barrier Dirt Sto

The Velcro Alternative To Nails

When you need an alternative to nails these Velcro® Branded Products are absolutely perfect... they bring a new dimension to DIY, making it more Don'

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Did you know that cleaning and protecting your appliances from limescale with a effective descaler could reduce your electiricty bills? Whilst you may

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To beat the January blues, we’re all trying to do more regular exercise such as jogging, football training or just taking a daily walk. That’s how

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While it's nearly 70 years since the printing of the famous 1943 government booklet on making the most of limited resources - Make Do And Mend is maki

How to wash socks in pairs and not have to sort your washing!

Sorting the washing certainly deserves the word 'chore' - it seems endless, even if you don't  have a house full of kids it takes time. Then you lose

Buying Wundaweb online – wonderweb & other items

If you're having trouble getting Wundaweb in a local haberdashery (haberdasheries themselves are hard to find these days even within larger department

Draught Excluders, Breeze Blockers, Draft Stoppers From £10!

What's the cheapest and simplest way to keep your house warm? Turning up the heating means turning up your heating bills, which are expensive enough a