The Answer To Repelling Midges, Mosquitoes & Gnats!

Fed up with eating outside and getting pestered by the usual midges, mosquitoes & gnats? Even in moderate heat they can be a nuisance, and not onl

Automotive gift ideas!

If you're looking for the best car gifts for men (and lets face it men can be tricky to buy for sometimes)  we have 2 gadgets he won't be able to res

Need a spider catcher vacuum? You need this!

Some people may be wondering what all the fuss is about, whilst others will be reading this thinking it a godsend… getting spiders out of your house

New To Our Range Of Car Accessories

It's no wonder so many people are interested in ways to make their car more comfortable.... with many of us apparently spending over 80 minutes a day

The Tyger Paw that the Customs did not want us to bring in!

Caraselle Tyger Paw Trainer Cleaner Removes Mud from Football & Rugby Boots, Walking & Hiking Boots, Sports Shoes, Carpets, Mats, Runners The

Washable Door Mats for all types of flooring

Washable Door Mats for all types of flooring It doesn't matter what the weather, we all need door mats to protect the flooring in our homes. Who want

A Snow Shovel Gets You Out of Snow Quickly!

It seems over the last week some of us have experienced even more snow so who knows with the British weather what's around the corner?!! If you are on

Muggi is the only way to carry hot & cold drinks!

We are always looking for innovative, new products... and muggi is certainly that. If you need a safe way to carry hot and cold drinks, you need muggi

A Washable Doormat To Keep Out The Dirt!

It's amazing the amount of extra dirt that is carried into a house on people's shoes - yes most people do wipe their feet, and yes removing your shoes

Wellie Warmer Boot Liners To Keep Out The Chill!

If like me you have been feeling the chill in your wellies over the recent cold spell - not to mention the accompanying snow - there is a solution whi