Garden Furniture Covers For This Rainy Weather!

British Summers are unpredictable and unfortunately this year it has shown us some of the worst rainfall we've had in many years! That mixed with shor

Bottle & Can Cooler Bags Back In Stock!

Caraselle Insulated Bottle Cooler & Can Cooler Bag in Yellow - I Love the Beach logo The Caraselle Insulated Bottle Cooler & Can Cooler Bag i

Caraselle Catalogue – Hot Off The Press!

It's arrived and it's yours for the taking! The CARASELLE CATALOGUE is packed with useful information and unbelievable offers which will save you up t

Garden Decking Brush & Patio Brush Cleaner All In One!

The Caraselle 2 in 1 Patio, Paving & Garden Decking Brush It's getting to the time of year when you want to start spending some time in your gard

Get Rid Of Flies And Enjoy The Sunshine!

One of the best thinigs about Summer has to be being able to eat outside in your garden. Everything is great until flies start to land on your food an

Eco Friendly Peg Basket And Clothes Pegs

We are coming to the end of Spring and with the greater promise of warmer weather that Summer brings, household tasks such as the laundry take on a ne

Plant Watering Spikes (Great In A Hosepipe Ban Too!)

Watering and feeding plants when away can be tricky. If you have someone you can ask to do this for you great. But if you have a lot of plants to wate

Hosepipe Ban Alternative! Eco friendly Super Sprayer

If you're looking for an easy hosepipe ban alternative for watering your plants, this is it. With the current hosepipe ban set to continue, the Carase

Beat The Hosepipe Ban With This!

Hosepipe ban news.... No matter how we may all feel about it, the reality is many people will be experiencing one of the current hosepipe bans which m

Whatever The Weather, You Need Bosmere Garden Furniture Covers

Bosmere Garden Furniture Covers... One day it's sunny, then it rains... before you know it the papers are talking about snow. Don't break your ba