Pet Hair Remover – Caraselle’s 10 Genius Uses

Not every Pet Hair Remover is the same! Find out why ours are so much better…

Don’t be swayed by the cheap supermarket wannabes, with 1 to 2 metres of unstick (not very adhesive or effective tape), that barely removes anything from your clothes. The false economy of the cheaper supermarket Pet Hair Remover is realised too late for many when soon after purchasing they are looking for a replacement roller, rather than a refill! Is the handle removable? Does the handle include a spindle? Can you get Pet Hair Remover Refills?

Our Lint Rollers give you 7.5 metres of super sticky paper! The handle is removable (so you only ever need to buy refills) and has a spindle which does the rolling for you (it rolls while you hold the handle, and the result is a smooth, quick and very easy rolling action). We cover our Rollers with a strong plastic case to protect it – because it’s built to last a long time! Whether you’re stocking up or trying them for the first time, our Good Housekeeping Award Winning Sticky Brushes WON’T let you down!

pet hair remover

4.7/5 Trustpilot Stars
Pet Hair Remover Lint Roller Brush 7.5 metres
£3 each in a multipack of 25

pet hair remover washing machine

4.9/5 Trustpilot Stars
Trident Handled Lint Roller Brush
5 metres

from £2.75 – 3 for 2 on selected Rollers!


World’s Stickiest Pet Hair Remover?!

We think so… Good Housekeeping think so… tens of thousands of customers think so! Check their reviews (over 600 of them!) and find out why you need one!

“Always prompt service and the best lint rollers on the planet. I can’t say better than that! Thank you”Ann

“With 2 long haired cats cannot live without the excellent sticky rollers; so bulk buy & these are the very best. Excellent they arrived speedily the very next day after they were ordered” Hilary

“The best pet hair removers you will ever find – just fantastic!”

It definitely took all the dog hairs off our settee and armchairs. I have tried many products but this was the only product that worked

The best sticky rollers I have ever used and being a household with too many cats I have used many different products, some cheaper but it’s worth paying the extra for these as they last longer and do a much job. Fab product”

The best lint roller I’ve used – the reason for buying in bulk this time”

“Does exactly what it says it will – saved me binning 3 jumpers that had been through the washer and dryer with a tissue

Our Pet Hair Removers are the best! Here’s just some of the ways our Sticky Rollers are being used by professional companies at work and customers at home:

  1. Our customers love these Super Sticky Rollers for quickly and effectively removing pet and human hairs from their clothes and around the home

  2. Tear off a piece, wrap it around your fingers and it takes on a new dimension! Now it is the perfect tool for getting into hard to reach areas, such as corners of drawers (this will also deter Moths so should be part of your Moth Protection Steps), toddlers high chairs, handbags, briefcases and purses, the glove box in your car

  3. Britain’s leading sandwich makers use them for reasons of hygiene as an extra and final step to ensure all fluff and hairs are removed from their clothes before food preparation

  4. We are the country’s leading suppliers of Pet Hair Removers to Dry Cleaners

  5. We supply glass cutting companies with our Lint Rollers who use them to remove tiny shards of glass – notoriously difficult to pick up

  6. Jewellery Shops make use of our Trident Sticky Rollers for their displays to remove dust particles from the velvet displayed under watches and jewellery

  7. In the car they’re ideal for picking up the debris, dust and hairs from the seats, foot well and great for cleaning the car boot when you’ve been travelling with your dog

  8. Perfect for picking up bits of mud left on the floor when removing shoes and wellies – give the area a quick once over with the roller and you won’t have to deal with it later!

  9. Have you ever left a tissue in the wash, have it disintegrate in the dryer and everything sticks to it?! Our Sticky Rollers are the best way to get rid of it! Try it for yourself and see why, simply roll over the dry clothes that have picked up the tissue or fluff before folding

  10. Keep an extra Pet Hair Remover in your bag or car so you’re never caught when out and about!

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