Christmas Tree Needles Falling Off Onto The Carpet?!!

Christmas is hard on your home! The Sunday Times recently highlighted the most common Christmas problems from wine stains to glitter on the carpet…. but we have the solutions! Let’s start today with the first and possibly the most annoying – Christmas Tree Needles falling off!!


1. Christmas Tree Needles Falling Off Onto The Carpet?!!

Dropping Christmas Tree Needles is an annoying problem around Christmas time! They get under your feet, onto your clothes and then are transported around the rest of the house! Children pick them up, toddlers and crawling babies need to keep well away and even pets get them stuck in their paws! But there are various tips out there to reduce the amount of needles that fall – not buying your Christmas Tree too early for example, instead buy locally from a farm, or better still where you can cut your own.

When buying your tree check that base of the trunk because the paler this is the more recently it has been cut. Give your tree lots of water and you could put asprin in the water to help keep the tree fresh. Even if you’ve done all you can to ensure your tree is recently cut and well cared for ultimately one of the disadvantages of a real Christmas Tree is the Christmas Tree needles falling off!!

christmas tree needles falling off

This is why you need a Whizzkleen

Because it really is the perfect tool for picking up Christmas Tree Needles falling off all over the house. It easily picks up all needles off carpet and rugs (for wooden flooring a Sticky Roller is fantastic for picking up needles and lots more!) Whizzkleen is brilliant all year for picking up any small debris from carpets and upholstery (it’s great for stair carpet too so you don’t have to keep getting the hoover out!)


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