Make food last longer and stop throwing food away!

Make Food Last Longer

With households throwing away an average of £700 per year in wasted food, there are huge savings to be made with some simple planning and clever food preservation gadgets.

Modern day living has meant many of us have less time to shop, plan and cook our food, which has led to left over fruit, vegetables and other fresh produce. But how to make food last longer is a question that is on many people’s minds with the price of food having soared and everyone looking for ways to save money in the home. Wouldn’t it be great if your fresh food could last 2 to 3 times longer than it currently does? It would save you money, mean fewer trips to the shops and your fresh food would be there when you want to eat it, not within the first few days of buying it!! Fruit & Veg Saver Sachets make this possible, because with this ingenious product you can make food last longer by doubling or even tripling the storage life of fruit, veg and salad. Made in the UK and used by Organic Farmers, these Fruit & Veg Savers are are completely safe, non toxic and fully recyclable. They simply absorb the harmless Ethylene gas emitted from ripening fruit and vegetables, so dramatically slowing the rate at which produce goes off. Save money on wasted food and fewer trips to the shops!

how to stop throwing food away

Save £££s with the Top 5 Food Saving Products in our Food Preservation Range:

1. Fruit & Veg Saver Sachets – Make food last longer with these non-toxic sachets to place in Fridge Drawers, Storage Containers & Fruit Bowls. Using the latest Nanology Technology to preserve your fresh food for 2 to 3 times longer

2. Fruit & Veg Bags – Celcumber, Berry, Banana and Avocado Bags will keep your vegetables ripe and fresh for 2 weeks. A simple and brilliant British design, once you’ve tried them you won’t go back!

3. “Anylock” Sealing Rods – available as Large Sealing Rods and Medium size, will seal literally any type of bag to keep food fresher & airtight! Odour proof, Airtight, Watertight & Re-useable

4. Food Bag Clips are extremely popular and for a good reason, this simple but effective British product makes any bag airtight with just a twist of the clip!

5. Can Caps – with over 40 Reviews and counting these Reusable Stay Fresh Plastic Caps will seal food tins once opened. Designed to fit over most cans and glasses, read the reviews to see why they are so popular!

Make food last longer and save as much as £13 a week with these simple products! Don’t forget, if you sign up to our Newsletter you can make big savings with frequent Free Delivery Days, 1/3rd Off and Discount Vouchers! Sign up today at Caraselle Direct


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