Sink Cleaning Brush and more must haves for Your Kitchen

So having done a thorough dusting and clean of often overlooked blinds and lampshades we can turn to the most used room in the house – the kitchen. The heart of the home and as a result it can also accumulate the most dirt.

Sink Cleaning Brush

One of the most neglected areas when doing a regular clean are areas such as plugholes, overflow and around or behind the taps in your sink. This is where a Sink Cleaning Brush comes in because with the right brush this is simple, because it’s often the size of the brush that makes it tricky to clean. A Twisted-in-Wire Sink Cleaning Brush has stiff bristles for really effective cleaning, and can get into all those awkward areas that are hard to get into, including behind the taps, the sink plug hole and cleaning the sink overflow too!sink cleaning brush

Oven Cleaning

Out of sight is out of mind and once you’ve shut the oven door it’s easy to forget about the inside of the oven and grill… until you next use it! oven cleaning

Cleaning it regularly again is best, but making use of a specialist product such as the Good Housekeeping Approved Oven Mate’s Oven Cleaning Kit with Applicator Brush & Gloves is an ideal solution to cleaning most types of Ovens, Grills, Pans & BBQs. When used as directed it can cleans 3 ovens and you’ll be amazed by the results ! Oven Mate works brilliantly on : Oven interiors, including trays & wire shelves,  grill pans,  barbecue racks, stainless steel surfaces,  glass & pyrex dishes & surfaces (available for the UK Mainland only.)

Once you’ve given the floors a good mop and cleaned the surfaces don’t forget about the 2 appliances most used… with the amount of washing of clothes and dishes it’s easy to understand why every so often your dishwasher and washing machine will need a bit of extra TLC! This is when Dr Beckmann Service-It Deep Clean Washing Machine Cleaner and Dr Beckmann Service It Deep Clean Dishwasher Cleaner & Wipe make the job a breeze. Both have been Good Housekeeping Approved and will make this job quick and easy! Giving you more time to move onto the bathroom!!

See you in there in my next article!


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