Spring Cleaning – Get Started With The Best Cleaning Dusters

We’ve already had a glimpse of good weather to come and although it may not feel much like Spring, it is officially Springtime! There may be a lot nicer jobs to do but every home needs cleaning and historically people have spent a day doing a thorough clean of their house now that milder weather is with us. In the past this was essential as heating with wood and coal led to soot and stale air, so they welcomed the opportunity to open the doors and get some fresher air inside! Whilst our central heating means we don’t have such a necessity to do this, it’s always beneficial to get some sunlight and fresher air!

So let’s take a tip from our ancestors and take the opportunity to give our homes a good clean and tidy. Trying to keep up with the little and often method of cleaning does make this much easier, but beginning with the basics when you get a day with promised dry and warm weather make the most of it and hang out all you larger bedding items – quilts, blankets and mattress covers, plus any sofa/bed throws and rugs. Of course this also has a Moth Removal benefit – it’s always  a good idea to take items outside to shake, even beat them on a regular basis to remove the larvae. Open up the windows!!! It will make you feel good as you work(!) and you’ll soon notice the difference in the air quality inside!

Blind CleanerStart with areas that don’t get much cleaning – hoover curtains, dust blinds and lampshades with a specialist cleaner or duster such as the brilliant ‘Microfibre Blind Cleaner’. It’s a really useful cleaner because the handle has three arch spines that enable you to clean places that you usually find hard to reach with a lot less effort. This will make cleaning your blind really quick and easy – even narrow blinds and there’s no need for chemicals. When the sleeve is dirty simply wash it in the washing machine & the product comes out as good as new, even after multiple washes. Each pack contains 2 replacement microfibre sleeves.Lambswool fluffy duster

For really small blinds the ‘Deluxe 100% Lambswool Fluffy Duster (Made in England)’ is perfect. It’s 25″ long (635mm) and made of natural lambswool fibre, which is both resilient and elastic so will reach into most crevices.  Lambswool is extremely soft and the natural lanolin in the wool will attract and hold the dust – magic! Not only great for mini blinds this is a really useful duster and particularly effective on: Ceiling fans, Picture frames, Plant leaves, Fragile ornaments, Baseboards & woodwork, Bookcases, Lampshades and Vents.

Waxed Mini DusterNow you’ve worked on areas that can get overlooked with your weekly clean – curtains, blinds and lampshades so having given everywhere  else a good dusting and for anyone who has an allergy dusting is even more important. ‘Waxed Mini Dusters’ are recommended by the British Allergy Foundation. They have a baked-on wax treatment and lift dust like a magnet.

Antistaci Telescopic DusterBut  dusters alone doesn’t always do the job and not all feather dusters can get into each and every corner that needs dusting, but this is when the ‘Antistatic Duster with Flexible Head & Telescopic Handle’ shows how the correct product can speed up the job.  It picks up Dust, Dirt & Hair like a magnet with it’s telescopic arm that extends to 196 cms ( 77″ ).  Versatile – it can also be used as a hand held duster and it’s flexible head cleans hard to reach areas – it can bend to almost any angle, just shake to re-shape the duster head!

Now it’s time to take a well earned break before we move on to  other areas such as the kitchen and bathroom, find out in the next article the best ways to tackle these areas!


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  1. […] having done a thorough dusting and clean of often overlooked blinds and lampshades we can turn to the most used room in the house – the kitchen. The heart of the home and as a […]

  2. […] having done a thorough dusting and clean of often overlooked blinds and lampshades we can turn to the most used room in the house – the kitchen. The heart of the home and as a […]

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