Triple Action Clothes Brush Will Be A Winner In Your Clothing Care…

Triple Action Brush: Most Versatile Clothes Brush Out There!

Looking to remove those loose hairs, fluff, fuzz and more from your clothes? If you’re fed up of needing several brushes this smart brush is for you because it removes lint, is a knitwear defuzza and has bristles too.

Caraselle have been making this Threeway Clothes Brush for over 30 years now and it has to be the most versatile clothes brush out there! Very good quality, with a lint removing fabric on one side – this special cloth which you sweep across the fabric to lift the lint or fluff. Secondly you have good quality bristles on the other – use as a conventional clothes brush to brush away dandruff and dust for both clothing and for upholstery. Thirdly all the way around the edge you have a defuzza knitwear brush to take the fuzzes and bobbles out of knitwear. So it does three things lint remover, bristle brush and knitwear brush around the edge. It’s ideal for use:

* As a general purpose Brush
* For clothes
* For upholstery
* For pet hair

Also available in Silver, see it in action below and check out what customers think about it:-

See some of the reviews to find out what customers think of them:

The quality of the product is good. I would recommend it to anyone looking at purchasing a coat brush… It is simple enough to use and tells you exactly how to use the 3 different parts of the brush.

Two fluffy cats!…this brush is so useful.

Thank You very much for a fast delivery and a great product.

It does exactly what is says, cleans well and very easy to clean the brush afterwards. Very useful to get rid of annoying fluff or as in my case cat hairs!!

Next time we’ll start our Christmas mission to find some of the best selling practical presents for those ‘what am I going to buy them’ moments!!

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