Lint Remover Was Indispensable at London Fashion Week, says The Telegraph

Who would have thought a humble Sticky Lint Roller could be the star at London Fashion week, but Kate Finnigan’s article ‘Caught by the Fuzz’ mentioned the all rounder Lint Roller as the ‘most indispensable accessory’ due to the fact that fuzz is everywhere in fashion with angora and mohair in both clothing and accessories!

“The most indispensable accessory during London Fashion Week last month turned out not to be a Sophie Hulme clutch, a Dior red lippy or  box of Boots’ plasters, but a sticky lint roller.” Kate Finnigan, The Style Maven, The Telegraph

But if you think Lint Rollers are only about removing lint, think again because that’s just the beginning! A lint roller reviewsgood quality Lint Brushes, the type used by professionals, is very versatile and soon becomes the hardest worker in your home.

You probably haven’t thought of the following great uses for a Lint Roller also:

Successfully picks up very small particles such as glass which is notoriously difficult to clean up

Tear off a piece, wrap it around your fingers and it takes on a new dimension! Now it is the perfect tool forgetting into hard to reach areas, such as corners of: drawers (this will also deter Moths so should be part of your Moth Protection Steps), your toddlers high chair, your handbag and purse, the the glove box in your car …Pet Hair Remover Sticky Roller Brush

Ideal for picking up the debris, dust and hairs from the seats, foot well and boot of your car

Perfect for picking up bits of mud left on the floor when removing shoes and wellies – give the area a quick once over with the roller and you won’t have to deal with it later!

Make it one of the steps you follow when doing your washing/drying… quickly roll over dry clothes that have picked up fluff before folding

Don’t be swayed by the cheap supermarket wannabes, with 1 to 2 metres of unstick (not very adhesive or effective tape), that barely removes anything from your clothes. This false economy is realised too late for many when soon after purchasing they are looking for a replacement roller! Before buying your Lint Roller ask youself:

1. Is the handle removable?

2. Does the handle include a spindle?

3. Can you use refills?

A high quality Lint Roller really is, as the Telegraph says, indispensable… and the Caraselle Sticky Lint Roller has over 500 customer reviews, it’s their best selling product and is available in lots of different options and colours. With a removable handle (check out the free replacement handle service), a spindle in the handle… so the handle does the hard work and not you!… plus amazing multipack savings on refills, it ticks all the boxes!

And as for the London Fashion Shows, well if like Kate Finnigan from the Telegraph you are looking for a Roller to go everywher with you…

“I’ll keep the roller in my handbag and recommend you do the same. Fuzz, fluff and fur will be sticking around all winter, and most especially on your best black trousers.”

lint roller…then keep one in your car, (you can even use it to clean your car!) your caravan, your handbag! Make use of handy handbag sized Mini Lint Rollers too, the perfect size for even the most

Don’t leave home without one!

See the whole range of Clothes Brushes & Lint Rollers available at Caraselle Direct and get de-fuffing!


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