How To Clean A Backpack

Today I want to talk about the problem of how to clean your backpack because they are are used daily by many of us now, people travelling to work, hikers, school children and eventually they are going to need cleaning, but how do you clean a backpack? Take care not to damage your bag when cleaning with some tips below:

These tips can be applied to any standard bag you may wish to clean – once emptied and left all zips and popper unfastened and unzipped check to see if there are any washing instructions… many don’t offer them for bags, but some will. Standard backpacks and bags are frequently made from canvas or nylon which is good because it means you can wash them in your washing machine with care. Other fabrics will need handwashing, but whether hand washing or machine washing on a delicate cycle make sure you use a gentle detergent such as Forever New Fabric Gentle Wash, this is particularly important if there is any waterproofing on your bag to avoid lessening its effectiveness. Remove straps, tags and metal items before machine washing, these can be washed by hand and then left to dry naturally… don’t put any of these or the bag itself in the dryer unless your bag specifically says it can. For very stained bags or straps when hand washing some gentle scrubbing with a soft brush may be needed using the same Gentle Fabric Wash.

washing bagIf machine washing only use your machines most gentle cycle – often this is shown as a gentle or delicate cycle or you can use the cold cycle if necessary. Protect colour bleeds by using a bag designed to stop colour runs. A Polypropylene Washing Bag is a patented fabric that protects from loss of colour and also protects delicates from garments with hooks etc. Wash dark bags in Black bags and also White bags are available for white garments. Bags such as these will also keep your washing machine filter clean. Clean through inside each pocket once the cycle has finished and dry by placing the straps or top hook onto a Clothes Hanger which could be hung on the clothes line outside ideally or if inside over your bath or shower, to allow for drip-dry.

gentle fabric washGentle is the word when washing something such as your bag/backpack if it doesn’t provide any instructions… and that means hand washing if necessary or machine wash on a delicate/cold cycle using a  Gentle Fabric Detergent. When machine washing always use a Polypropylene Washing Bag to protect your bag and washing machine and try not to wash it too often if it has waterproofing as this will lessen it’s effectiveness at repelling water in future. The best way to dry it is on a Clothes Hanger (never in the dryer!) and drip-dry.

If you own a leather backpacks make use of leather cleaning products such as Lord Sheraton Leather Clean & Shine Wipes designed for cleaning leather products.

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