Tips For Drying Your Clothes Indoors

Indoor Clothes Line Can Save The Day!

Now that the weather is changing and we are seeing colder and wetter spells, the chances of getting your washing outside is slim! For many it will be the return to an indoor clothesline, retractable clothes line or even clothes on radiator – putting up the heating even sometimes to dry your clothes! Not ideal. The best methods for drying clothes inside (and some great reasons not to use a dryer!) are:

Retractable Indoor Clothes Line

Retractable Indoor Clothes Line

* Using a dryer is costly and not environmentally friendly

* People think line dried clothes get creased more than using a dryer – simply shake them before putting on the line or airer and make sure there is sufficient space around each garment for the best air circulation. Using a fabric softener will help with this too

* Extend the life of your clothing! Dryers are harsh on clothes and can even set in stains. Make good use of hangers when drying them instead – especially with knitwear which can be hung on an inflatable hanger for the perfect line

* Short of space? Make use of items such as Sock Dryers… they provide a space efficient and very simple way to dry socks, this Folding Sock Dryer With 20 Pegs is suitable for indoor & out. It clips easily to washing lines and creates more space on your washing line for larger items

* Rotate your clothing on the airer/line to reduce spots that are getting less airflow… flip clothes over so that damp areas are exposed

* Hang clothes in an area that is out of the way so you can close the door and open a window. If you don’t have a separate room make use of your bathroom which can be perfect for this – making use of an Indoor Retractable Clothes Line, over your bath is great for indoor drying – open the window and shut the door!

* If you’ve been leaving clothes drying without any ventilation you may start to notice a problem with an excess of moisture in your home, which is why it’s so important to dry clothes in an area closed off from the rest of the home and with a window open to allow the moisture (coming off the drying clothes) to leave. If left unchecked you may start to notice mould… of course many homes will notice this when not allowing condensation to escape after having a bath or shower. One simple and effective solution is to make use of Condensation Removers placed in troublesome areas…. certainly bathrooms and areas where clothes will be left to dry.







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