Clothing Care Made Simple With Velcro, Wundaweb and Dylon!

Continuing from our School Uniform articles if you haven’t yet done all your uniform labeling check out our blog Best Way To Label A School Uniform (and much more!). Next you’ll want to make sure you keep School Uniforms, Sports Kits (and their own clothes) in tip-top condition by taking care when washing and repairing them when necessary. For quick and temporary repairs for when short of time make use of the brilliant Velcro® Hem Fix Kit. (See it in action on trouser hems and shirts by clicking on the images.)Clothing Care Wundaweb Hem Fix

Velcro Hem  Fix for clothing care

Didn’t think of using Velcro® for tasks such as fixing a hem? Think again because this really useful repair kit is ideal for making quick repairs to all hems and also ideal for clothing, soft furnishings and craft projects. (For older children you could even put one in their school bag).

With 20 soft and flexible adhesive strips they are strong and reliable and very quick & easy to use, so perfect for use as an instant repair kit.

Hate the task of hemming skirts or trousers in preparation for school? Permanent repairs are much easier when using Wundaweb Easy Hemming. Available as Wundaweb Easy Hemming Regular or Wundaweb Easy Hemming Extra Strong for heavy items. It means easy hemming without sewing, to give secure invisible hems in seconds! Great for hemming skirts, trousers, dresses and much more.

The one task that is nearly a daily chore is washing the clothes – it can come back covered in mud and ink most days on their return from school, and when washing disasters happen and there’s nothing worse than ruining an item of their school uniform with a color run in the wash – especially if you’ve spent the time labelling or repairing it! To prevent disasters when washing the uniforms or sports kits use a product such as Dylon Colour Catcher®. Dylon are color experts and when you need something done properly you go to an expert! White shirts will stay white, colors stay bright and you also want to save time by mixing the wash. Normally every time you wash bright or dark colored clothes, traces of dye bleed into your laundry. These dyes may completely ruin your wash or leave your clothes with a dull, grubby appearance. Color Catcher® is a treated anti‐transfer sheet with special ingredients which act like a magnet, removing loose dyes and dirt during the washing process.Dylon Colour Catcher for Clothing Care

Keep an eye out for more blogs about keeping things under control during the School Term! – from getting them to eat breakfast, to keeping their room organized, things can stay stress free! Visit Caraselle Direct for more tips and great products »


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