Caraselle Salad Spinner – Spin Your Salad and Vegetables


Caraselle Salad/Vegetable Spinner

Summer in the air and it is hot and you feel to eat something fresh. Nothing is better than having a light refreshing meal such as a salad, some fruits or vegetables.

The new Salad and Vegetable Spinner of CaraselleDirect can hold a full bag of salad leaves. Salad should always be washed since they can still be some earth particle hidden in the leaves which could destroy your teeth.

You simply place your leaves into the basket and rinse with cold water, place the basket into the jug, fit the lit and give it a spin. The powerful Caraselle Salad Spinner will throw the water out into the bottom of the jug. After all the water is removed from the leaves, just pull the bottom of the jug of the vegetable spinner off without the need to remove the lit. Your crisp salad can then be transferred directly to your salad bowl or storage in the fridge as a salad crisper until you’re ready to serve.

Although vegetables can be purchased ready prepared; I always advise you to give them a thorough wash. Place them like the salad in the jug and spin it.

The salad spinning tool is the ideal kitchen accessory and helpful with every food preparation. The spin ‘n’ store salad spinner can be used for making homemade coleslaw, choosing your own ingredients and flavorings to make it extra-special. Also perfect use the salad spinner when cooking up a healthy meal, simply add your chosen vegetables, wash and dry and they are ready to stir fry.


Caraselle Salad Spinner

This is the ideal kitchen accessory for those of you who love to pick your own. Even little berries and grapes won’t escape and will be spun in the salad spinner to perfection ready for baking in your indulgent pie or crumble or maybe mixing up a healthier fruit salad.

The jug of the salad spinner can be used for mixing in or for microwave heating. The pouring spout enables easy mess free serving. Here’s a neat idea add some ice cubes at your choice of food to the basket and pour over filtered water for a refreshing healthy drink.

A good idea for hot summer evenings why not fill the salad spinner with Pimms. For the ultimate taste store in the fridge so it remains chilled. Caraselle Salad/Veg Spinner is light, compact and easy to handle.

Get one at and whirl whatever you want.


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