Dry Your Pet in less than 10 Minutes


You love your pet more like anything, but you can get furious when it brings dirt in the living room or roll on the carpet to get dry and clean.


Caraselle Micro Fibre Pet Drying Towel

A day out with your dog enjoying the nature is a wonderful feeling, and a time to switch off. No work to do just having a relaxing day.

Well your dog thinks differently. As soon as it is off the leash and sense a pond you can say goodbye to your day off cleaning. Running into the water getting refreshed and playing with other dogs is a lot of fun in a dog’s life. And afterwards to make it even worse rolling in the mud for a little while so that you actually cannot recognise if that is your dog you take home.

Another scenario, imagine it is raining outside and you really don’t want to step out. However, your best friend needs to go for a walk no matter if sunny or rainy. That both of you will be dripping at the end is for sure but you can be prepared with rain boots and rain jackets, but your dog will be wet and dirty from top to toe, and wants to get rid of it as soon as possible by rolling on the carpet.

To avoid these situations we have the perfect solution for you. The Caraselle Micro Fibre Pet Drying Towel helps to dry your dog in seconds to so that it doesn’t draggle your home.

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Caraselle Micro Fibre Pet Drying Towel

With the Caraselle Pet Drying Towel you can dry and clean your dog within 10 minutes or even less. Just rub the dirt and water off and throw the Dog Drying Towel into the washing machine or in boiled water. The Micro Fibre soak the wetness easily and due to it softness of the towel it feels warm and comfortable for your best friend.

Now your dog can play in the garden while raining, roll in the mud or do some laps in the pond because now you have a Micro Fibre Towel to dry your pet.

It can dry your dog 10 times faster than any cotton towel.

Don’t wait too long, get one Micro Fiber Pet Drying Towel at caraselledirect.com and play with your dog outside every day no matter if its raining.

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