Best Way To Label A School Uniform (and much more!)

Trying to find a better way to label school uniforms? With children about to go back to school parents everywhere are running around trying to get everything they need ready and labeling school clothes, sports kit (plus all the spares you need too!) can seem daunting!

There are several ways of doing this – some people buy ready printed labels to either iron or sew into the clothing. This causes problems when you have more than one child though, because you have to order more than one set and you can’t change it once done.  Plus if you use Iron On Labels you may start to notice they start to come off after a couple of washes, and sewing each individual labels onto each and every garment can be extremely time consuming. With a School Uniform Marker Kit you can get a very professional, easy and effective way to label school uniforms and much more! Also  you can set your individual text & change it if necessary, meaning you don’t have to keep buying new labels for other children. With 246 re-usable characters and an ink pad with a capacity of around 1,000 imprints you can print anything you want – meaning it is also useful for more than just uniforms and clothing. Personalize items with your name, address, phone number etc and change it as often as needed. It can be washed many times without fading and you can even print onto dark garments with an included fleece strip. Happy labeling!

Fabric MarkerFabric Marker Kit – Ideal for School Uniforms

* An effective and professional way of marking garments and fabrics with personalized details such as name, address, telephone, code etc.

* A self-inking stamp with a built-in textile ink pad

* The print message required is created by using the 246 re-usable rubber characters which are 4mm in size. A pair of tweezers is supplied for the purpose. As the characters are re-usable, different messages can be created and changed as required.

* The ink pad within the stamp has a capacity of around 1,000 imprints.

* The ink itself is a non-toxic dye and will print on most absorbing fabrics such as cotton, polyester, blended materials etc.

* The printed message can be washed many times without fading.

* A 50 x 60cms fleece strip is supplied to enable stamping onto dark garments and fabrics.

* This fabric marker kit is ideal to mark your child’s school clothing and belongings. It is also useful in offices, hospitals, hotels etc where there is a requirement to place identifying marks and messages onto various items.

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