How To Get Deodorant Stains Out!

Yellow Deodorant Stains on our clothes is a very common clothes care problem! Removing Deodorant Stain with Deo-Go is easy!

Give your clothes a new lease of life because not longer do you need to throw away that deodorant-stained shirt, blouse or top! Deo-Go can bring them back from the dead because this is no usual stain remover! It’s unique formula will remove hardened, built up stains from clothing, restoring them to their original appearance like magic! Customers love it!

“I recently purchased Deo-Go Deodorant Remover and can honestly say that it is the best product I have used!! The yellow stains under my 19 year old’s t-shirts melted away before my eyes! A very easy to use product that sprayed directly onto the garment, then brushed into the stain before washing. I must admit that before using the product I was very sceptical that it would work but after using I would definitely recommend. Caraselle Direct has fantastic customer service that is hard to find in this day and age.”

Deo-Go Stain Remover for deodorant stains

Deo-go Deodorant & Antiperspirant Stain Reover

Now more than ever we all regularly use anti-perspirants which inevitably over time will give a discoloured appearance to the underarm area of tops. How many times have you thrown out an item such as a shirt because the problem area of fabric seemed stiffer than other areas and had a yellow patch making it seemingly un-usable ever again?

One product called Deo Go will put an end to this cycle of wasted tops! Until Deo Go no stain removers had ever tackled such difficult antiperspirant or deodorant stains.

How to remove deodorant stains from clothing with Deo Go:
Follow instructions for this effective deodorant stain remover, to spray onto the hardened and yellow area of the armpit, brush and and leave to work for about 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the stain.

Once it’s done it’s job wash it on it’s normal washing cycle and admire! The brushing simply speeds up the time it takes to work – make sure you use a short bristled brush and gently brush. Once it has had time to dissolve the deodorant residue put it on the garment’s regular wash cycle following the washing instructions. A little time may save you a lot of money! With a brand new look for 2013… with a new user friendly trigger spray bottle, now with 20% more (300ml) and for 2013 Deo Go is an Approved Good Housekeeping Institute product, so you know you can rely on Deo Go to effectively remove those unsightly yellow and hardened patches!

Buy yours today from Caraselle Direct. You can also see lots of other Stain Removers on the Caraselle site and get great tips on how to get stains out when you visit »


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