Childrens Clothes Hangers : Great Value & Quality

If you’re finding it hard to find suitable Childrens Clothes Hangers you’ve come to the right place! With a massive choice you won’t find anyone who has a wider choice of Clothes Hangers than Caraselle! From Children’s Expanding Skirt Hangers, Childrens Huggable Hangers, Childrens Padded Hanger, Childrens Plastic Hanger with Swivel Hook, Children’s Wooden Hangers….and that’s just the beginning!

Let’s start with the Best Sellers. You’ll find unbelievable value when you check out the multipacks – such as :

Childs Lilac Swivel Hook Hangers (also available in other colours)

Sold in a pack of 10, they are currently reduced to give a saving of 72% now only £2.49 for the pack of 10! Try to find better value than that! But these childrens hangers are also great quality…

Absolutely perfect – amazing value and the hook swivels properly unlike some. Sizing great and quality too so will last a long long time
Customer Review

Looking for some extra space and a great childrens hanger?

Space Saver Hanger Packs

childrens clothes hangersAvailable in Pink or Blue, these brilliant hangers are unique to Caraselle. With each pack containing 1 x Silver Space Saver Hanger Bar & 6 x childrens polypropylene hangers (3 x blue or pink & 3 x white). The hangers 33cms wide (13″). You can really maximise your children’s wardrobe space by hanging 6 garments in the same space as 1!

Another brilliant space saving idea is this:

Overdoor Hanger

This space saving overdoor hanger is perfect for hanging your children’s clothes when space is short in the wardrobe. It also brilliant for many other uses! Such as being ideal for use when ironing. It will fit doors up to 4cms and the hanger protrudes from the door by 3.5cms (5 1/2″). From only 80p!

Silver Plastic Hanger with Strong Clips 25cms

From only 36p each, you won’t find better value – they are perfect for use as children’s skirt hangers or children’s trouser hangers. The reviews speak for themselves:

childrens hangersI use this product in my home based setting The quality was vary good I would reconmend this product to other childminders
Customer Review

Loved the hangers, just what I wanted, hence the reason this is my second order.
Customer Review

Great product, very handy for the kids trousers. Not expensive also.
Customer Review

10 Childrens Polypropylene Hangers

At £5.99 per pack, amazing value again with this pack of 10 assorted kids hangers. Choose from light blue, lilac, pink or white or order as a random assortment of colours. Size: 33cms wide ( 13″ )

Need more ideas? See all Childrens Clothes Hangers on the Caraselle Direct site »

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