Top Tips For Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Kids

Stocking stuffers date back to Saint Nicholas himself and when you think about how much children love the party game Pass The Parcel it’s easy to see why such a tradition should be continued.

When it comes to the Christmas Stocking it’s the anticipation of what could be inside that excites children, so what you really want are some great Christmas stocking fillers that are either practical, don’t cost more than their main presents and that they’ll love opening. Firstly you don’t have to wrap them in expensive wrapping paper, use colourful tissue paper to save money (it makes just as much noise, is just as bright and still covers the present!) Needless to say, this is also great when you really want to go to town on wrapping a present to put underneath other wrapping paper, or for padding out delicate items inside a parcel.

soldier egg cupPractical Stocking Filler Ideas. Think of getting some presents that you know they’ll like but are also useful to have

Pretty storage items and childrens clothes hangers for girls are often a hit – especially for those that love their clothes and do actually tidy their room! For those that don’t – this could be a helpful hint! An example of some very beautiful and hard-wearing childrens hangers are these with logos of when I grow up / I’m only little / Little Treasure, they serve a purpose rather than just extra toys to fill the place up!

For the reluctant eater, why not get them something to encourage them…. such as a pack of comic Sandwich Toastie Bags with a stamp  of Wallace & Gromit, or a solider egg cup and solider toast cutter set. Both will encourage them to not only help making their own food, but actually eat breakfast!

If a white Christmas is on the cards and you’re looking for a truly functional and incredibly fun stocking stuffer that goes well beyond the stocking, but still doesn’t break the bank, think of a Sledge! These are extremely good value and it’s not possible to have more fun in the snow. They wouldn’t fit into a stocking it’s true, but doesn’t that make them even better?!!!

wallace and gromit toastabags

Shop for your stocking fillers in the sales and buy for multiple children of a similar age and take advantage of multipack offers

Make a list of events that are coming up and how old each recipient will be and keep it somewhere like your handbag so that you always know what presents you will want when you see sales or multipack offers

Don’t shy away from old-fashioned Stocking Stuffers such as:

Clementines (or any fruits such as oranges, apples, pears or anything they’ll eat!), a piece of chocolate, old-fashioned peppermint sticks or packs of nuts, chocolate coins and home-baked biscuits such as gingerbread men are obviously particularly good because you can make these yourself and so don’t cost much at all except your time (which makes them even more special)

If you are handy with knitting or sewing you could continue the home-made theme with a scarf, jumper or bag

A favourite comic doesn’t cost the earth but always goes down well (team it with a treat such as a bag of sweets/crisps and you have at least an hour of entertainment for your child during the Christmas break too!)

Most children love stationery so a pack of small pencils or crayons teamed with a small pad would go down well to fill another hour during the holiday

Pack of notelets or Thank You notes for all those Thank Yous they’ll be doing- it fills another space of time on quieter days during their Christmas Break!

Stocking Fillers don’t have to expensive, they can serve a purpose, give children something to do on quieter days when all the excitement is over and the expensive toys have been put to one side(!) and they can even encourage good manners such as thanking people for all the presents they will have received! Remember though, look out for sales and multipack offers early next year, you’ll be glad later in the year when you start thinking about how to stuff the stockings!

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