Christmas Gifts: As Easy As 1, 2, 3!

Still looking for the perfect gift? It’s as easy as 1,2, 3 with these brilliant, innovative and (one award winning) gifts! With the brand new Shirt Shuttle you can say hello to the perfect travel companion! Cycling to work, flying off for a business trip or going out straight from the gym, you’ll look pristine when you get there with this clever ergonomic design! And it’s the perfect gift for anyone who gets to work under their own steam!

British Design at its Best! The Shirt Shuttle works on a very simple principle, if you wrap a piece of fabric around a curved edge it cannot crease! The pack contains the outer carry case & the folding board with a collar stiffener & hanging hook. See the movie to see why this is such a brilliant present!shirt shuttle

Number 2 has to be the Tyger Paw Cleaner – a unique product ideal for getting mud off all types of Shoes, Boots and Carpets etc. (great to remove mud from football & rugby boots!) You can even use it to remove mud from horse blankets and is also a very effective Pet Hair Remover. A waterproof, durable design, this cleaner will save a lot of time and effort! If you know someone who loves their sport, football and rugby especially, dog walkers, gardeners, walkers… cleaning their footwear will be one of their most frequent and dreaded tasks – make it easier for them with this and they’ll love you forever!

Know someone who is a car enthusiast? Someone who travels to work in their car? The CD Slot Mount will bring a smile to their faces because this British Invention Show Award Winning product is so innovative and easy to use… they’ll use it every day for all car journeys. It’s the clever way to hold your Sat Nav, Mobile Phone, MP3 Player, iPod, coins plus lots more and still play your CDs. This is a sure winner with any car enthusiast, it won the British Invention Show, is under a tenner and is the best practical present out there! See the reviews and find out for yourself why it makes such a brilliant gift.

With people looking for good quality, but well priced and practical presents this year the above 3 are some of the best out there. If you’re looking for more ideas for your practical present buying:

Cable Tidys: Designed to keep all those chargers neat & tidy. Perfect for use with Mobile Phones, Cameras, Games & more! Easy to use – these are extremely effective and British design at its best! Put an end to drawers full of tangled up cables, the perfect Big Kid stocking filler for everyone!

Tea Strainer

Tea Tool Tea Strainers: Perfect for tea lovers! “My husband had only just said he wished he had something to squeeze a teabag with when I came across this on your website. He is absolutely delighted with it & gives it 10/10” – customer review, 10 days ago. Find out yourself why so many customers love it!

Topster Milk Pourers: Don’t cry over spilt milk with Topster Milk Pourers which are perfect for the whole family. In Red for red top milk, Blue for blue top milk and Green for semi skimmed, they are perfect for children, the elderly, everyone judging by the reviews! Also available in individual packs

Welly Warmers: All welly owners should own some of these! Stop feet from getting cold in these snug, machine washable fleece boot liners. In charcoal grey and available in 3 sizes. They are ideal for Gardeners, Dog Walkers & all welly owners

Stay Fresh Can Caps: Designed to fit over most cans & glasses, they are perfect for keeping food fresher for longer. Suitable for the dishwasher, easy to use & easy to fit! In assorted colours, a unique and useful idea!

Pet Hair Rollers: With 375 reviews and counting, it seems you and we think it’s the best Lint Roller out there! With new and fun designs perfect for gifts, it makes removing your pets (and your own) hairs easy! The perfect gift for any pet owner!

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