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Mould Removal is becoming a far more common job in bathrooms in homes today, because as a recent survey carried out by the Mackintosh School of Architecture harmful mould spores are on the rise in homes as a result of excess moisture which is being attributed to poor lack of ventilation. With our centrally heated homes, in Winter people bring their laundry inside to dry and with colder weather we turn up the heating and close the windows… keeping ourselves warm but also believing this to be the ideal conditions for indoor drying. We’ve all done it… scattered clothing over radiators, larger items even over doors sometimes and load up the Clothes Airers in order to get the washing dry at all costs – often to make space for another load. It doesn’t look great and it’s now found to contribute to up to one third of all the moisture in the home.

mould remover

Mould Remover

It isn’t good news if you suffer from allergies either  because the study showed this excess moisture in the home which our modern lives are adding to, contributes to the development of harmful mould and dust mites which have been linked to asthma, hay fever and other allergies and there was also a strong association between drying laundry and mould spores. In fact a particular mould spore known to cause lung infections in people with weakened immune systems was found in 25% of the homes sampled.

Some people make use of bathrooms for drying their clothes, but many already have a problem with damp in the bathroom more than anywhere. Damp and poorly ventilated bathrooms are ideal for accumulating mould. Mould or mildew is a type of fungi which is very common in homes due to poor ventilation and excess moisture.

Mould RemovalFound in dark and damp places, making your bathroom ideal! Remember ventilating as much as possible will reduce Mould but using a product such as Mouldaway Mould Removal is the only way to remove it! Unlike other mould removers it’s ideal for chrome, stainless steel, white grouting, acrylic baths, showers, ceramic basins & taps.  There’s no need to scrub – contains active bleaching agents and the triple action formula even easily removes ingrained Moulds & Bacteria. Made in the UK.

Don’t forget the golden rules of removing excess moisture from your home

1. Dry your laundry in a well ventilated room, window open and door shut

2. After bathing or showering, open a window and close the door to keep moisture out of the window and out of your home

3. In the kitchen a lot of moisture is generated from boiling pans – put a lid on them when possible and again open a window

4. Make use of Moisture Absorbers Condensation Removers to ensure any moisture is removed efficiently and quickly. They are easy to move from one to another, refillable and excellent value for money!

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