Moisture Absorbers Save Your Health When Drying Clothes Inside…

It’s bad news if you’ve been drying your clothes indoors. Last Friday The Independent, Telegraph, Mail and BBC reported news of a study carried out by the Mackintosh School of Architecture showing that excess moisture in the home contributes to the development of harmful mould and dust mites which have been linked to asthma, hay fever and other allergies. Nearly one third of this moisture can be attributed to drying your laundry. At this time of year we turn up heaters, close windows and dry our clothes indoors and with Winter approaching there’s little other choice.

moisture absorber

Moisture Absorbers

There are suggestions that new homes should be built with this in mind and we should be going back to the days when provision for Airing Cupboards was made when building homes. However there are solutions and best practices for drying laundry inside in the modern home. Whilst we all need to dry our clothes indoors at times – especially in Winter, ensuring you do so in a well ventilated and seaparte part of the home will massively reduce excessive moisture introduced when drying clothes. That means using a porch, conservatory, spare room (anywhere you can shut off from the rest of the home), for this purpose and ventillating it by frequently opening a window in this room. Keeping the door closed should ensure your warm air isn’t literally going out of the window and in fact keeping your laundry drying separate to the rest of you house looks better anyway! Many of us virtually use our homes as one big clothes line… on radiators, over doors and even chairs sometimes – decorated about. It doesn’t look great and it’s now been found to be bad for your health! So ventilation is the key – but there are other powerful tools which should be used reduce moisture in the home… and they are Moisture Absorbers.

With 87% of us drying our washing indoors during the colder weather, and with nearly one third of the moisture in the home coming from this often daily chore, removing moisture is best achieved with the use of a Moisture Trap. They are the perfect solution, not only because they are so effective but also because they can be moved from room to room. Very economical and with Moisture Trap Refills avaialble you don’t need to replace the entire product.

With one load of washing emitting two litres of water it’s no wonder people are looking for ways to remove this moisture from their home! It isn’t just bad for your health either… it also creates condensation and mould, in fact this moisture is one of the main causes of damage to materials in the home. Your top 4 ways to reduce moisture in the home are:

1. Shut away areas that are generating extra moisture – after bathing or showering, open the bathroom window and shut the door, to allow the moisture to escape out of your home

2. We all need to dry clothes indoors at this time of year, if possible dry your clothes in a well ventilated room and again shut the door!

3. When cooking open a window and shut the kitchen door – and put a lid on your boiling pans

4. Make use of Moisture Absorbers in your home to effectively get rid of this excess moisture

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