Non Slip Hangers – Vibrant, Space-Saving Cloth Hangers!

Non slip hangers are perfect for stopping your clothes falling on to the wardrobe floor! But… what if you could have a non slip hanger that was also a space saving hanger which saved you a huge amount of space in your wardrobe, came in a variety of vibrant colours to brighten up your wardrobe and was one of the best selling hanges out there? With Huggable Hangers you can have all that!

Black Non-Slip Hanger with Chrome Hook

Black Non-Slip Hanger with Chrome Hook

children's non slip huggable hanger

Children’s Non Slip Huggable Hanger

Let’s face it, when it comes to hangers they come in all shapes and sizes, everyone owns at least one and we all need them! You may think that a hanger’s a hanger and it doesn’t matter what type of hanger you use to hang up your clothes. Well, even the reluctant hanger buyer can change their mind, as I discovered myself when my husband sheepishly asked me if I could get him some more of ‘these’ (pointing at a Huggable Hanger!) Even he had to admit they stopped his clothes falling onto the floor and he could now get much more into his tiny wardrobe! Let’s go through why they really are so useful and one of the best selling hangers out there.

They’re called Huggable Hangers because the clothes really do literally hug to them! Even difficult items such as silky nightie or scoop neck tops for example don’t fall off! They are the ultimate space saving solution to your wardrobe. Available in a variety of styles – store your trousers on the 4 Bar Non-Slip Huggable Trouser Hanger and you’ll get 4 trousers in at least half the space they would normally take up. Make use of the Non-Slip Huggable Hanger with Tie/Belt Bar and you’ll be able to add your ties, belts or accessories to the same hanger within the same space. Also available with an additional hook for hanging extra hangers for even more space saving solutions! Your clothes won’t go out of shape because they’re made to hug the shape of your garments. They’re also great for heavy garments and for suits – which won’t crease and give the option of getting your whole suit, and tie, on the one hanger! The rotating swivel chrome hook is incredibly useful – use it to hang clothes over wardrobe doors ready to take the next day and also great for drying clothes. Short of space in your children’s storage areas? Huggable Hangers for children are perfect for getting their clothes into a small area – with all the same benefit as the adult sizing, just smaller!

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