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In the good old days you often received a hanger when you purchased an item of clothing. This isn’t always the case with all stores anymore, especially ones with discount clothing and shops are looking for ways to cut costs so recycle or reuse their hangers rather than offering them to the customer. So you need to know where to buy hangers and what type of hangers you need to buy. Not all hangers are the same just as not all clothes you put on them are the same. At this time of year many people are turning to their knitted jumper and cardigans which have been stored away over the Summer, and many need to hang them in their wardrobe… but this can mean notches in the shoulders and piles of jumpers on the floor. Well no more shapeless, falling on floor, notched shoulder, scrunched up in a pile at the bottom of the wardrobe knitwear for you! Because with a proper knitwear hanger you can avoid those awful ‘notched shoulder’ marks you get when sometimes hanging up knitwear and you can also avoid your jumpers and cardies falling off all the time! They can even help you dry your knitwear.

New to the already extensive range of hangers at Caraselle are these perfect Non-Slip Hanger for Knitwear, Jackets, Shirts, Blouses & T-Shirts with Chrome Hook. Great sizes in a choice of 36cm or 30cm wide, the rubberised non-slip coating prevents garments from falling off the hanger and they’re ideal for knitwear as will not leave hanger marks!

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Buy Hangers for Knitwear

If you like these you’ll also like the Best Selling Huggable Hangers – called huggable because the clothes really do hug to them! If you’re short of space they’re the ultimate space saving solution to your wardrobe. The selection includes 4 Bar Non-Slip Huggable Trouser Hanger you’ll get 4 trousers in at least half the space they would normally take up. Non-Slip Huggable Hanger with Tie/Belt Bar – you’ll be able to add your ties, belts or accessories to the same hanger within the same space. With a rotating swivel chrome hook for hanging clothes over wardrobe doors ready to take the next day and also great for drying clothes.

Talking of drying clothes, if you want to buy hangers specifically for drying your knitwear – which is notoriously tricky to dry without getting out of shape, Inflatable Hangers provide a multi-purpose solution! These Grey Flock Finish Non-Slip Inflatable Hangers again have a rotating hook and the flocked finish provides a non-slip surface for hanging knitwear. Not only that, these versatile hangers are ideal for Travel as they take up very little space in your suitcase.

If you want to buy hangers, you’ll find the largest range of Clothes Hangers in the UK at Caraselle Direct »

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