Airtight Storage Bags For Clothes – The Perfect Space Savers

If you’re short of wardrobe space there are several solutions… either you get rid of some clothes or somehow get some extra hanging space! Who is going to want to get rid of clothes?!!! The best solution is to create more space by making your wardrobe a bit more seasonal – removing out of season clothes from your main storage areas will also make it easier to see everything in your wardrobe in the morning and save a lot of time getting ready! If you don’t have anywhere else to store your clothes, or if you want to keep them hanging up but not taking up so much space you should make use of one of the best space saving solutions around –  Hanging Vacuum Organisers can make your hanging clothes take up far less space!

This hanging vacuum sealed bag is perfect for  jackets, shirts, coats, dresses etc. and keeps them moth free! The Hanging Vacuum Organiser compresses your clothes safely inside a special bag, which has a seal and a hanging vacuum sealed bagvalve into which you place your vacuum hose to extract the air from the bag. This protects your clothes from dust, dirt, moisture, moths and insects (the clothes should be clean before sealing the bag).

It can be wiped clean inside and out, and can be used for many, many years (although it is recommended that stored items are removed every 6 months for airing). When the bag is opened, air immediately circulates through the item and restores it to its former plumpness.

It’s available as a standard size bag is 105 x 70cm approximately and it takes up to 5kg in weight of clothes. The Large size is longer, 145 x 70cms –  suitable for longer items such as dresses, coats and long jackets. Think Small and think no more moths!

airtight storage bag for clothesWhen used to it’s full potential the bag creates up to three times more hanging space on crowded wardrobe rails and cupboards. Hang the bags on a sturdy clothes rails. Ideally hang it not with a metal hooked hanger but with a plastic hanger.

Want to take your out of season clothes out of the wardrobe but don’t have much other usable space? Again vacuum packs to the rescue! Look to areas that aren’t used efficiently – such as under your bed… with the Deluxe Underbed Vacuum Storage Chest you can reduce volume of store items by up to an amazing 75%!!! At 106 x 45 x 15 cms this high capacity airtight storage bag for clothes has a Compressible Inner Bag and Rigid side panels, making is strong and durable. It’s Airtight & Waterproof and best of all will allow you to neatly store bulky items under the bed. Not only will you be saving a huge amount of space, but you’ll also be protecting against Moths, Bugs, Dirt, Mildew & Odours. You can easily identify items inside should you need to get to them with a see-through window and the strong handle makes it easy to pull out from under the bed. vacuum sealed bag

You’ll be amazed at how much you can store in the relatively small space under your bed – and this Vacuum Storage Chest is so easily accessible too – you won’t have to go up to the loft any time you want to check what’s in the bag or get something out! It’s not just for clothes either – check out the below review:

Review starReview starReview starReview starReview star – Sunday, 17th June 2012, 4months ago
I use the vacuum bags for storage of bedding, my children’s soft toys, clothes – anything that I need to keep clean, moth free, damp free etc. I would recommend this product to anyone who has storage issues or just wants to keep material items stored in the best possible environment.

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