Take a Seat With Our Colourful Egg Cup Chairs!

Eggs are becoming the next big thing. Of course they’ve always been popular, how could they not be? They’re quick to cook and incredibly versatile – whether as omelettes, poached, scrambled, fried, boiled hard or soft, there’s no beating them! (pardon the pun!)

They’re very good for you – and despite what some may think are a useful addition to anyone who is dieting (one egg is only 92 calories!). They’re high in protein at 6.4g (the white part of the egg may contain most of the protein, but the yolk contains most of the egg’s nutrients.) One yolk has 21.9 mg of calcium, 245 IU of vitamin A, 18 IU of vitamin D, 66.3 mg of phosphorus, and 24.8 mcg of folate.silicone egg chair

Well now you can also accessorize them with these funky and well made colourful egg cups! Like no other egg cup, these alone make it worth eating eggs even without all their other pros! Not just attractive though, they do much more than just hold your egg in place for you to dip in your soldiers! This silicone egg cup can withstand a temperature range from -50°C to 300°C and they’re microwave, oven and freezer safe.

Easy to clean – simply add them to the dishwasher with all your other breakfast dishes! Anyone who is trying to get their kids to eat something good for them such as an egg, this is a winner! You can even give the egg a quick warm up in the microwave without it leaving the cup! Any egg would be happy to sit in this wonderful Egg Chair and it will look good on any table!

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