Sticky Stuff Remover Gets The Job Done!

How do I remove sticky stuff?….

…is the one question most people have asked at some point! Sticky stuff left on surfaces from stickers all over the wall, door, bedframe etc. of your children’s bedrooms for example. Or from sellotape residue stuck on all sorts of different surfaces, from chewing gum stuck to the base of your shoe! Lets face it everybody has needed a remover like Sticky Stuff Remover at some time in their home.

This cleaner will effectively tackle substances such as Sticky Tape Residue, Chewing Gum, Tar, Wet Paint, Wax, Make Up, Crayon, Adhesive, Grease & Grime from a number of different surfaces including Fabric, Paintwork, Plastic,Wood, Metal and even China and Glass. chewing gum remover

This is the perfect remover to keep in the cupboard, but keep it handy because you’ll use it time and time again, you’ll even wonder how you coped without it! It’s new to Caraselle, but already popular, get it before it goes!

Thinking of other goo and stain removers that are perfect to keep in your cupboard ready for use (especially when you have an emergency and only then think about a stain remover!), a stain remover which is perfect for use on carpets is K2R Stain Remover Spray.  You simply spray on & brush off and it will take care of your Grease Spots, Oily & Stubborn Stains. It’s perfect for dry clean fabrics, upholstery & carpets, as one reviewer said “it’s good for carpet spots”.

For real emergencies such as red wine stains you need a specific stain remover to seriously tackle it – and quickly which is why it’s useful to have such items to hand at the time! Gonzo ‘Wine Out’ Spray for Red Wine Stain Removal will come to the rescue because Gonzo Wine Out works like magic on red wine spillages. Not only will you eliminate the stain but you will also impress your friends! Gonzo doesn’t smell and its non-toxic. We use it on our new linen tablecloth – food spills on shirts, tablecloths, carpets and more can now be saved! As one customer commented it’s a lot cheaper than calling out a carpet cleaner! – “It worked well and the stain has just disappeared. Much cheaper than calling in a specialist carpet cleaner.”

To see the full range of Stain Removers to get you out of trouble visit the Stain Removers section at Caraselle Direct »

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