Keep Food Fresh With Fruit & Veggies Fresh Saver!

Everyone knows that fresh fruit and vegetables are the perfect answer to getting your 5 a day, but not everyone knows the best way to store them and how to keep them fresh for as long as possible. With some fruits and vegetables it seems you buy them one day and the next day they are on the turn or past it! With supermarket prices soaring for such produce, how do you ensure you keep it fresh for as long as possible and how should you store fresh fruit and vegetables?how to keep food fresh

One of the most important items you can have in your fridge for the purpose of keeping your food fresh is one of these innovative Fruit & Veg Saver Sachets.  Fruit & Vegetables emit Ethylene gas as they ripen. This harmless gas then speeds up the decaying process, but these Fruit & Veg Savers act by absorbing the Ethylene gas dramatically slowing the rate at which produce goes off. They will literally double or triple the storage life of your Fruit how to store fresh fruit& Veg! They are comopletely safe being non-toxic and are fully recyclable. Made in the UK, these veg and fruit fresheners will ensure you stop throwing your food away…. and so save you a lot of money each week off your shopping bill! They aren’t just for use in fridges – use them in your fruit bowls and storage containers to extend the life of your fresh fruit and vegetables! As used by Organic Farmers, but you too can benefit from this latest Nonology Technology!

* Double or Triple Storage Life of Your Fruit & Veg
* Place in Fridge Drawers, Storage Containers & Fruit Bowls
* Latest Nanology Technology
* Contents are Safe, Non-Toxic & Fuly Recycleable
* Made in The UK


If you’re interesting in keeping food fresh for longer, you’ll also be interested in the Caraselle Onion Keeper to Keep Onions Fresher for Longer. These stackable containers will save space in your refrigerator and the clear lid allows you to easily identify contents. Simply turn upside down to store sliced or diced onions. Plus it’s dishwasher safe. With lots of other ideas for keeping your food fresh and some innovative (and Award Winning!) Kitchen Accessories and Gadgets, visit the Kitchen Range at Caraselle Direct »

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