Garden Furniture Covers For This Rainy Weather!

British Summers are unpredictable and unfortunately this year it has shown us some of the worst rainfall we’ve had in many years! That mixed with short spells of sunshine, more rain and wind and hailstones! However nice it is to get the garden furniture out in Spring in anticipation – or rather hope – of some good weather ahead, garden furniture needs protection from sustained rainfall! And in the UK it’s essential! Garden Furniture is costly and taking care of this investment for the years to come is important. Using Garden Furniture Covers to protect your outside furniture from all that Mother Nature has in store is necessary to make it last.

Bosmere is the name to trust when it comes to looking after your outdoor furniture. Available in a variety of options:rotary airer covers

Deluxe Bosemere Patio Heater Cover with Strong Zip
Features Brass Coated Eyelets
Heavy Duty Ties & Cords. Fully Zipped on Front Opening

Deluxe Bosmere PVC Backed Polyester Stacking Chair Cover
Suitable to cover either 4 High Back or 8 Low Back or a Single Recliner

Deluxe Bosmere Giant Parasol Zipped Cover
Fully Zipped on Front Opening. Drawstring & Cord Locks. Covers also available for smaller parasols

Deluxe Bosmere 4-6 Seater Circular Patio Furniture Covers with Unique Centre Water Shedding Pole
Top Quality Outside Furniture Covers from Bosmere with PVC Backed Polyester with Brass Coated Eyelets & Heavy Duty Ties & Cord Locks. 188cm dia x 84cm high









Bosmere Hammock Cover

Bosmere Hammock Cover








Deluxe Bosmere 3 Seater Hammock Cover
Waterproof fabric, it features Brass Coated Eyelets, Heavy Duty Ties & Cord Locks

Deluxe Bosmere Wagon BBQ Cover in High Quality PVC Backed Polyester
Waterproof fabric, it features Brass Coated Eyelets, Heavy Duty Ties & Cord Locks. Other sizes available

Don’t forget about covering other items left in your garden too, such as your Rotary Line which is left out in all weather. Using a Rotary Airer Cover such as this Deluxe Premium Zipped Rotary Line Cover by Bosmere, you’ll be protecting your clothes line from rain, dust & sunlight. Not only that using a rotary line cover means you are prolonging the life of the rotary line, keeping your washing clean and preventing messy and tangled cords. It’s also an ideal cover for indoor storage.

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