Funky Wine Rack Now On Site!

If you are looking for a modern wine rack, that doesn’t take over your kitchen, doesn’t take up too much space and looks great, you don’t need to look any further than Rakastaka. This funky wine rack is such a brilliant space saving gadget for the fridge and kitchen!funky wine rack Featured on ‘Live With Gaby’ in December as a kitchen lifesaver… a genious product – how true! Wine bottles in the fridge take up a lot of room, you open the door and before you know it one falls out!

As seen on Dragons’ Den this brings yet another new and innovative British Invention to the Caraselle website! What do you look for when buying a wine rack? A wine rack needs to be versatile and compact so that it can hold your precious and expensive wine bottles efficiently. Rakastaka, known for their gravity defying designs, are the wine racks you always wanted!

These wine racks are designed to hold a wide range of bottles, not just wine bottles. The wine racks are space efficient and can easily be fitted anywhere! You can also get the same clever and minimalist design to stack your beer bottles and cans!

* A pack of 2 Versatile Free-Standing Wine Racks
* Can safely store up to 9 standard wine bottles
* Designed as a fantastic spacesaver for your fridge
* Gives a really minimal display in your kitchen
* As featured on Dragons’ Den

Now you can keep your wine bottles safe with RakaStaka wine racks.

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