The Dishmatic Washing Liquid Dispenser Review

The Dishmatic Washing Up Liquid Dispenser is popular – in fact it’s a customer favourite… you only have to look at the reviews on site – one customer described it as a “Family fab product, great price”. I couldn’t agree more! The truth is everyone has to do the dishes – even if you have a dishwasher you can’t completely escape this! And for something you have to do every day anything that makes it quicker, easier and more economical has to be a good thing!Dishmatic Washing Liquid Dispenser

I was advised to mix my Dishmatic Dispenser with a mix of washing up liquid and water, which was good advice. You save on the washing up liquid and it does a brilliant job when mixed with water. For general plates and cups it was great, but it really surpised me how effective it was at cleaning baking trays and bakeware. I used the Dishmatic Heavy Duty Head to clean a baking tray which would normally have taken me a lot of scrubbing – because I didn’t have to get my hands in there I was able to do this while it was still warm helping to remove all of the baked on grease. However with 3 different replacement heads –  Non Scratch Replacement Heads, Heavy Duty Replacement Heads and Extra Heavy Duty Replacement Heads, it can tackle everything you could possible want to wash up!

For even harder jobs the Dishmatic Scourer Washing up Liquid Dispenser is great – I tested this on my grill pan and the knitted mesh was good for removing bits of baked on food from awkward areas such as in between the slats.

If you like to get the most out of a product, you’ll be pleased with the versatile Dishmatic because armed with a Dishmatic Washing Up Liquid Dispenser there’s a lot you can do!  Here’s my favourite uses and facts about the Dishmatic Range:

1. Making quick work of doing the dishes and has a choice of heads

2. Use it as a cleaning brush – fill it with a cleaning solution and it becomes a brilliant brush for cleaning the sink, plant pots, windows and more!

3. Using the Dishmatic Washing Up Brush you can even clean your car wheels (I used it to clean hard to get to areas too)

4. Also useful as a Disability Aid

5. A Water Saving Device – you’ll use about 80% less water when doing the dishes – and it will save you money because you’ll certainly use a lot less washing up liquid!

dishmatique replacement heads

The following Dishmatic Replacement Heads are available:

Dishmatic Non Scratch Replacement Heads: White – Non-Scratch

Dishmatic Heavy Duty Replacement Heads: Green – Heavy Duty

Dishmatic Extra Heavy Duty Replacement Heads: Black – Extra Heavy Duty

Dishmatic Scourer Washing up Liquid DispenserAs mentioned the Dishmatic Scourer Washing up Liquid Dispenser is also available with it’s long lasting knitted mesh of high grade stainless steel it will take care of these tougher jobs and save time.Dishmatic Scourer Refill

It seems with Dishmatic perhaps hands that do dishes really can feel as soft as you face! See the complete Dishmatic Range »

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