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Anyone who does the laundry in their home knows that there’s more to looking after clothes than loading a washing machine and dryer! In fact at times this continuous chore can seem daunting. From repairing worn clothing, taking care of declicate fabrics, separating the wash, preventing ironing disasters…. when things go wrong it is expensive and a waste of time. With the right products, some preparation and following advice doing the laundry will become a breeze!

1. Sorting the washing:

Sorting the washing certainly deserves the word ‘chore’ – it seems endless, even if you don’t have a house full of kids it takes time. Then you lose things in the wash – such as socks, or should I say one sock so that you are left with mismatched pairs. To get back some of this wasted time and stop it all from being such a chore, all you need is a little organisation at the start and a couple of simple, but highly effective products… such as sock clips. If you’ve asked yourself ‘are there any devices to stop you from losing socks in the wash’ then the answer to your question is Little Feet Sock Pairers. How annoying is it when you’re folding your dry washing and end up with a pile of unmatched socks. Even if you do find the other sock you can guarantee they will end up separately in your drawer because you don’t have time to find the first one! Avoid this problem by using these Little Feet. If you automatically put used socks into them and then into the Washing Basket it saves time. They are very durable, can be used over and over again, are designed for use with both the washing machine & tumble dryer, you simply push the socks into the Little Feet and place into the washing machine.

Next separate your colours, whites, special care items. Spend a bit of time doing this to ensure no rogue items get into the wash.

2. The washingdylon colour catcher

Pouring detergent onto clothing can cause fading so add detergent to the washer first to avoid this. Turning clothing inside out will ensure that the outside that is seen is kept in the best condition possible. Certain fabrics are best cleaned quickly after use – such as silks (because products such as deodorant can permanently cause damage) and similarly synthetic fabrics such as nylon. Make use of Laundry Products to ensure you don’t make any costly mistakes! Such as Dylon Colour Catcher which:

* Removes loose dye from the wash
* Eliminates the risk of colour runs ruining clothes
* Allows mixed wash – wash with confidence

If your whites are looking a bit dull, wash them with a Whitener such as Dylon Ultra Whitener which will put the dazzle back into your whites whether a Machine Wash or Hand Wash. Making use of net washing bags will enable you to keep your washing sorted whilst in the wash and protect delicates such as lingerie. They’re also great for saving time after the washing when used as a method for separating certain items.

3. What to do when the wash goes wrong!

Without correct care sometimes things can go wrong and you end up with a washing load of clothes with colours that have run, but luckily using a Run Remover such as Dylon Colour Run Remover can turn back the clock on most colour run disasters, restoring fabrics to their former glory. Its pH balanced COLOURSAFE formula means colours, whites and delicates like wool and silk can be treated together safely with beautifully fresh results.

Finally a list of the top 5 essential laundry products for the cupboard to ensure clothes stay looking their best for years to come, plus saving you time and money!

1. Dylon All Purpose Stain Remover Prewash: Use on all Washable Fabrics – even Delicates like wool & silk ( not carpets ). Also effective on Shirt Collar & Cuff Grime, Coffee, Fruit Juice, Jam, Wine & Perspiration

2. Deo-Go Deodorant & Antiperspirant Stain Remover. Formulated to remove the most stubborn under-arm stains

3. Household Pack of Net Washing Bags. Protects laundry in the washing machine & tumble dryer

4. Dr Beckmann Dry-Clean Only Cleaner. Removes Spot Stains from difficult to clean garments, even wool

5. 1 pack of 5 little feet sock pairers. Really useful way of keeping socks in pairs when going through the wash

Keep an eye out for the next laundry article where the ironing is tackled – one of the most hated chores by many, but like the washing with a little help it doesn’t have to be!

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