Get Rid Of Flies And Enjoy The Sunshine!

One of the best thinigs about Summer has to be being able to eat outside in your garden. Everything is great until flies start to land on your food and before long they start to become a pest and eating outside isn’t so appealing. The easiest way to get rid of flies naturally is to cover your food! food coverThe Caraselle Pop-Up Mesh Food Cover Umbrellas are ideal for this scenario and are available in 2 sizes and many different designs. They are also great when you are travelling on holiday (obviously perfect to keep in a caravan) because they fold down.

* Ideal for protecting food from Flies, Wasps & Insects
* Opens like an umbrella
* Perfect for those summer garden meals
* Other sizes & designs available
* Folds flat

Another great idea is to use a natural deterrent such as Citronella Tea Lights, they’re made with natural pure Citronella extracts and are perfect to keep annoying bugs & insects at bay! With 25 tea lights per bag they’ll last a long time and come in assorted colours.

You’ll no doubt soon realise that wasps are out and about too!  There are many ways to deal with the problem of wasps buzzing around but one of the most effective is a Wasp Trap Bag. wasp zappers

This bag catches & kills wasps in outdoor areas such as patios & decking and being in such a well used area in Summer it is safe to use in places where children and pets are, plus very simple and highly effective! Also of importance to many people – this wasp zapper won’t harm the bees!

* Highly effective
* Easy to use – just add water
* Safe to use around children & pets
* Lasts for up to 3 months
* Will not attract or harm bees!
* Similar is available for flies

See the full range of Insect Killers and Pest Control Products to keep your Summer pest free!

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