Eco Friendly Peg Basket And Clothes Pegs

We are coming to the end of Spring and with the greater promise of warmer weather that Summer brings, household tasks such as the laundry take on a new dimension. In fact it can be enjoyable! There’s nothing like hanging out your washing at the beginning of a warm day and bringing in line-dried clothes at the end. What can beat that lovely smell of line-dried clothing?! So to get you on your way to perfection, here are some life-savers that make laundry tasks so easy everyone will want to do them!washing line pegs

You want a peg basket that is built to last and this one is just that…the Ecoforce Peg Basket in green includes a pack of 24 Strong Hurricane Force Grip Clothes Pegs made of Recycled Plastic. This strong & durable Peg Basket is completely guilt free – it’s 93% recycled plastic, 100% metal free, 100% recyclable Hurricane force grip and made in the UK. With 100% more grip than a standard peg, it’s also 100% washable in the dishwasher or washing machine. You can leave it outside because it’s frost proof and UV stable! It’s hard to beat being strong, reliable and eco-friendly! Why not pair it with the equally strong and eco-friendly Ecoforce Recycled Clothes Line.  It’s strong & durable, 20 metres long with a 30 kg break strength – it won’t let you or your washing down!

clothes lineDon’t forget when hanging out your socks an easy way to keep them together is using sock pairers such as Little Feet Sock Pairers which save time and money because they are a simple but very clever way of keeping your socks in pairs when going through the wash and hanging out to dry. They will save you money spent replacing lost socks and time sorting your socks!

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