Buy British Products This Jubilee!

Buying British products has grown in popularity with many of the British population. Products that have grown out of places such as the British Invention Show prove that British Design is creating some innovative and original items which simply couldn’t be found elsewhere. Naturally, being made in Britain is important to many and with the Queens Diamond Jubilee Weekend about to commence, there’s never been a better time to buy British! Here’s a list of Caraselle’s Top 3 most innovative British products:

CD Slot Mount: Winner of the 2011 British Invention Showcd slot mount

The easy way to hold your Sat Nav, Mobile Phone, MP3 Player, iPod, loose coins for parking &/or toll etc safely in your car.

So simple & easy to use it keeps the windscreen free of attachments to give clearer road vision. Fitting most in-car cd players, this Universal Mounting Pad will still play your CD. There’s a durable sticky pad included and you’ll be free of tell tale window marks! Discrete to use day or night and is easy and fast to fit. Designed and made in Britain. All this for under £10!

Tozo MovieTozo Spectacle Holders: As Seen On TV!

Tozo really is a simple way of wearing your glasses when not wearing them! First appearing on Dragons’ Den this very innovative product is British by design and is an ideal gift for anyone who wears glasses or sunglasses. Finally an answer to the question “Where Are My Glasses?!”

This clever glasses holder is something you will use every day as an ideal way to store your glasses, so saving lots of time and frustration! Available in a wide range of designs and compared to other glasses holder prices at just £5.99 each (£5 each when bought in a multipack) is great value for money. You won’t need to go searching for your glasses again!

Magnetic Fridge Sunglasses Holder

They are secure & safe and easy to fit onto jackets, shirts & blouses, jumpers, belt loops etc.

* A simple way of wearing your glasses when not wearing them!
* Secure & safe
* Easy to fit onto jackets, shirts & blouses, jumpers, belt loops etc
* Now available as magnetic ideal for shirts and blouses and with a pin for heavier fabrics or attaching to fridge, freezer etc.
* Never lose your specs & sunglasses again
* Range of colours & designs available

See the whole range of ToZo™ Glasses Holders >>

Topster Milk Pourers: Winner of the 2008 British Invention Show

There are very few things in life you can get for under £2. But there are even fewer that are under £2… have won an Award… are so useful you will use them every day… and make you life easier! However, I wanted to let you know about one that ticks all these boxes! Topster is the brilliant British designed product which scooped the top award at the British Invention Show 2008… and it’s easy to see why!

This clever invention is something you will use every day, so useful in fact you will be wondering why you didn’t think of it yourself! Everyone in our office has one and with prices at just £1.99 each (£1.66 each when bought in a multipack) everyone can, and should, have one! Find out more below…Topster Milk Pourer Movie

Topster is an innovative new product to make your life easier. If you purchase milk in big plastic bottles you will know how it can “glug” as you pour, making for messy splashes & milky tea. For more controlled pouring with fewer drips, attach one of these clever, spring-loaded pourers to the top. It means no more repeated unscrewing & re-screwing of the plastic bottle top and the well designed spout eliminates any mess & drips! Invented by a busy Dad who was forever filling his young Daughter’s beaker with milk, they’re reusable, dishwasher safe, colour-coded, and will fit most plastic milk bottles.

“The Award Winning Topster is particularly great for Children, busy parents, the elderly, those with conditions such as arthritis or rheumatism, in fact it is great for everyone!”

Taking advantage of our multipacks means you can always have one to use when the others are in the dishwasher, and with packs of 3 at £4.99 that means just £1.66 per Topster! We think it’s brilliant and we know you will too! See the product movie to see for yourself!

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