The Velcro Alternative To Nails

When you need an alternative to nails these Velcro® Branded Products are absolutely perfect… they bring a new dimension to DIY, making it more Don’t Involve Yourself than Do It Yourself, because Velcro products make it easy!

Don’t be fooled by the name, they’re not just for Christmas Decorations, instead Velcro® Christmas Decoration Clips and Velcro® Christmas Light Clips are a brilliant, quick and easy method for hanging up photos, calendars, children’s artwork and much more.

velcro decoration clipsAffix a piece of string or gift ribbon to the back of your item to hang up, stick the velcro square onto the wall and push the hook onto it. Admire! By far the easiest method of hanging something up. Naturally this is only useful for lightweight items such as photos/artwork/calendar, but it’s usefulness doesn’t stop there.

Velcro Light ClipsAs the name suggests Velcro® Christmas Light Clips are also ideal for hanging lighting decorations both indoors & outdoors. Velcro® Christmas Decoration Clips are great for use with tinsel, Christmas stockings & light cables. You could hang small Christmas stockings around the house with them or use them for attaching tinsel and beads to banisters and picture frames.

With big savings on Velcro products on the Caraselle site, don’t wait until Christmas to buy these essential household items! You can save 20% right now on the above to Velcro products and there’s many more savings in the Velcro® Range >>

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