Moth Control: Brilliant New Moth Deterrent from Zensect

Each new product purchased, each piece of advice taken, each preventative measure used, means one step closer to success in the fight against moths. Which is why Caraselle are excited to have in the already extensive range of Moth Deterrents, this Pack of 12 Helvea Strips of Moth Repellents for Drawers & Wardrobes. Similar to the already Best Selling Orphea Moth Deterrent Strips, these Helvea Strips are made from natural ingredients. They protect and freshen your clothes and linen with long lasting moth repellent which will also give your room a beautiful smell. But Helvea also looks after even your most valuable and more delicate garments. natural moth deterrent

For best results use one strip per drawer. The strip of cloth has a perforation on it so that you can also hang it on a hanger. Inside the sachet is a moist cloth, and when you break open the sealed sachet the aroma will then waft out and deter any moth from venturing near and laying its eggs. There are 12 strips in each packet. This natural product will not stain.

* Made from natural ingredients
* Non Toxic & Non Stain
* Lavender Fragrance
* 12 Moist Strips to use in your Wardrobes & Drawers
* Can be hung over the hook of the hanger

Remember, if you’ve already seen a hole in your jumper, things can only get worse. holes in your jumperThe chances are Moths have already struck and you need to take action before you get more holes! You need to stop it recurring and following these first steps before more damage is done is an effective 10 step solution:

1. Identify the problem. Are they Clothes Moth or Food Moths?
2. Remove all garments from the wardrobes or drawers and thoroughly vacuum
3. Seal areas where moths may be hiding, such as cracks in flooring, shelves, skirting
4. Protect clothes in wardrobes & drawers naturally and effectively with Cedar, Orphea, Colibri and Helvea. Natural products will provide peace of mind if you have children or pets
5. Don’t replace any of your garments until you have effective Moth Deterrents in place!
6. Once gone you want to stop them coming back with the use of a Moth Killer Spray7. Moths in the kitchen? Using Anti Food Moth Traps are a safe way to deal with them
8. It is a good idea to take items outside to shake, even beat them on a regular basis
9. Keeping clothes & woollens clean will offer some protection, but correctly storing out of season items creates a barrier against the moths
10. Store clothes in garment covers and sweater bags to give an impenetrable layer which keep them at bay. Use Moth Deterrents to protect them while in storage because moths thrive in dark, undisturbed places

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