Hosepipe Ban Alternative! Eco friendly Super Sprayer

If you’re looking for an easy hosepipe ban alternative for watering your plants, this is it. With the current hosepipe ban set to continue, the Caraselle Super Sprayer is the perfect garden accessory for getting your plants watered without getting you a £1,000 fine!

Even if you aren’t suffering a ban being smart about water usage is important, it will save you money from wasted water and save the environment. And this product knows a lot about being eco-friendly, it’s very versatile and can be used with empty drinks bottles. It fits most empty drinks bottles bringing a new meaning to recycling! – it’s easily adjustable nozzle jets a fine mist or stream giving you control and with a built in pump you’ll get a steady flow. Not just for water, you could use it with fertilizer, insecticide, weed killer or why not use it for leaf polish on inside plants too? You could even use it with window cleaner…. this really useful eco-friendly versatile sprayer will save the environment and will save you a lot of time and wasted water! Brilliant!hosepipe ban alternative

* A multi-use pressure sprayer that fits most empty drinks bottles
* Easily adjustable nozzle jet from fine mist to stream
* Built in pump to pressurise the container allowing for a controlled & steady flow of liquid
* Can be used with Water, Fertilizer, Insecticide, Weed Killer, Leaf Polish, Window Cleaner, & more

hosepipe ban alternativeHere’s a reminder from our previous article of the top ways to save water:

Take shorter showers

Wash fruit and vegetables in a bowl rather than under the tap

Use dishwashers and washing machines only when they are full

Use bathwater and washing-up water to wash the car and the garden

Save the cold water that comes through before a tap runs hot, and use it to water plants

Keep a jug of water in the fridge instead of waiting for the tap to run cold

Install a water-saving device in the toilet

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