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Keeping food fresh is of great importance in the kitchen, not just for the sake of making food last longer, but safe food storage also reduces the likelihood of insects and pests such as Moths (the Indian Meal Moth is making a comeback in kitchens across the country!)

food storage containers

Stackable Fridge Food Storage Containers

Making use of suitable food storage containers is essential in reducing the likelihood of them becoming a visitor in your kitchen. The Caraselle Set of 3 Fridge Stackers are airtight plastic food storage containers, sold in pack of 3 x 1600ml. Versatile, they are safe to use at high temperature in your Microwave Oven and at low temperatures too. Easy to clean being dishwasher safe, they make storing food in your fridge convenient with their stacking facility.

* 3 x Airtight Stackable Food Containers
* Can be used in your Microwave Oven (open lid when heating)
* Low Temperature Resistant – Given Temperature -20c to 120c
* Dishwasher Safe
* Ideal to protect against Food, Flour & Indian Meal Moths

food containers

Can Caps Food Storage

A real customer favourite in the Kitchen Accessories range is also another simple storage solution… the Caraselle Reusable Stay Fresh Plastic Can Caps are available in assorted colours and sold in packs of 9. They are designed to fit over most cans & glasses etc and are dishwasher safe. They are brilliant for use storing unused items in the fridge, but also a great idea to use when eating outside to prevent any insects etc. from getting in your glass!

* Designed to fit over most cans & glasses etc
* Suitable for the dishwasher
* Easy to use & easy to fit
* Assorted colours
* Made in the UK

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