Rainy Weather Shoe Care

Our famous British weather makes it particularly important to make sure you take care of your shoes – one day they can get soaked, the next day it’s hot, who knows perhaps a week later snow (which can also mean salt getting on your shoes which is no good thing!) So if you want your shoes to last in such changing conditions you need to take care of them with Shoe Care Products – essential to ensuring your shoes last!

ladies shoe tree

Woodlore Cedar Shoe Tree

Shoes that are not cared for after wearing them in the rain will become mis-shapen, so ruining their appearance and making them uncomfortable to wear.  The first rule is to let them dry properly, and that means using Shoe Trees to allow the air to circulate and absorbing the moisture. With a wide range of Shoe Trees at Caraselle your shoes would be spoilt for choice. A customer favourite are these Woodlore Cedar Ladies Adjustable Shoe Trees, available as 5-8½, 8-10½ and 10 to 11½.  Adjustable in both length & width, they are of deluxe quality being handmade in the US. Similar is available for men.

shoe protector

Shoe Protector

Now to the shoe protection…. Caraselle’s Punch Instant Protector for Suede, Leather, Nubuck & Canvas Shoes is an ideal and quick solution to making sure your shoes are prepared for the worst. It will protect both your Suedes & Leathers and is also ideal for Nubuck & Canvas Shoes. Providing instant protection which will resist Rain & Stains.

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