Prevent Clothes Moths and Food Moths Now!

Moths have made a comeback. You may think they’ve gone away, but with the milder weather we have been experiencing they are now more of a threat than ever. In fact times are good for moths… this milder weather means they are having a picnic and it’s your clothes and bedding on the menu! As the weather improves you’ll be leaving your windows open, and if you leave your lights on it’s an open invitation to moths to enter your house. No doubt your wardrobes are sometimes open too… all they need now is for you to leave them alone to get on with destroying your valuable items! As with most things prevention is better than cure, so here are some great ways to prevent them…

Clothing Moths

Cleaning your clothes:

* Keep up with your dry cleaning because done regularly it will kill the moths and deter them from attacking the item again. Make sure you put your clothes away in cupboards and wardrobes when they are dry because moths enjoy moisture

* Moths also enjoy natural fabrics so storing your clothing and bedding in man made storage bags and covers will provide a great barrier to the Moths

* Grown Moths do no eat woollens, they just reproduce. So you rarely find damage in garments that are frequently used. However just as our grandparents used to do, it is a good idea to take the items you don’t use much or to be stored outside and shake them, even beat them

* Wash your clothes at a high temperature (higher than 50 degrees whenever possible because this should kill the moths). Washing garments at a high temperature may make this achievable

Cleaning your carpets:

* Carpets collect dust and this is a great place for Moths to hide. Reguarly vacuuming is essential and throwing away the dust or bag is important because the larvae can remain latent within the vacuum until emptied

* For this reason using a STICKY LINT ROLLER is a great tool in removing the latent eggs from clothing and other fabrics… it’s as easy as rolling it over your clothes and over the floor of your wardrobe/drawers to remove latent eggs. It’s also effective because it’s a ‘clean’ method of getting rid of them – once you’ve rolled simply tear the paper off and throw it away. This disposability is great because it’s another way of ensuring the eggs are removed from the house

* Use a specialist Moth Deterrent such as a Moth Deterrent Spray to provide protection on this difficult area

Food Moths

In the kitchen:

* Clean the inside of your food cupboards regularly and if you find a Food Moth make sure you find the source and the larvae, because removing larvae will resolve the immediate problem. Clean the crumbs and deposits in the cupboards that are encouraging the problem – a STICKY LINT ROLLER is again useful for cleaning these areas. Ensure that you leave the Zensect Food Moth traps up all year round and replace when necessary

* Storing your food in in air tight containers will normally prevent them from getting into your food

* Even if you only see the problem in one area make sure all non-sealed food is thrown away

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