Lint Roller Refills

If you already own a Pet Hair Sticky Roller no doubt you know the many, many benefits, but one in particular is the handle which is both easy to use, removable – meaning you can replace the roller without replacing the entire product and Caraselle offer a brilliant replacement handle service… so you only ever need to buy refills! See this previous article to see find out why the handle of a Lint Roller is so important… owning a roller with a removable handle provides the ability to use refills to keep future costs down, but this is not much use if the refills themselves aren’t up to scratch. So equally important is the quality of the refill itself.

You may think all refills are the same, but in fact the peeling of the adhesive sheets varies and it does make a big difference when you want to quickly peel away the sheet for a fresh layer. Good quality refills mean you can easily peel the sheet down to the next layer.

Caraselle’s Pet Roller Refills are of a very high quality, manufactured to our specification. Many refills have about 4 metres of paper, but these are long lasting with 7.5 metres – that’s about 25 ft!! of very adhesive paper.

You can save up to 50% when you take advantage of our multipack discounts too! See the Pet Hair Roller movie below:

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2 Responses to “Lint Roller Refills”

  1. joanna howard says:

    The paper on my pet hair remover is finished. I have a refill, but can’t get the handle out of the old one.
    It’s a marvellous tool, apart from this problem.
    Can you help?
    j howard

  2. Liz says:

    Hi Joanna – you could check out the movie (2nd one on this link) to see how too remove it – lint_refill
    If you are still having problems please don’t hesitate to phone the FREEPHONE number and someone will be happy to help you with this problem… the number is 08000 199 309

    Kind regards
    Caraselle Direct

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